Avast secure browser is mostly a Chromium-based web browser that’s fast, agile and offers great reliability coverage. It could be available for Windows, Mac and Android equipment.

It’s a safeguarded alternative to Chromium, Firefox and Microsoft Border

Avast is a top-rated anti virus software organization that has branched out in to the web browser space as well. The company has built a secure and powerful web browser honestly, that is a step up from Opera, Chrome and Advantage.

The main feature is that it gives a high level of security for your web privacy. It blocks spyware and and scam, encrypts your connection, and enables the use of a VPN.

Additionally, it features a really interesting feature that essentially lets you access websites and programs in a separate machine which can be isolated from your rest of your laptop or computer. This can help you keep your personal data secure, although it’s not quite as sturdy as Google’s phishing protection feature.


A great characteristic go to website that many other web browsers don’t have is the ability to engine block ads. This kind of advertising blocking feature is allowed by default, and you may customize this to your liking with custom filtration and whitelists.

Hack Verify

Avast’s Crack Check feature may scan your email and check if any of your online accounts have been hacked. This is especially useful for websites that you just regularly subscribe with, just like online financial.

Tab Grouping

Avavst’s tabs grouping is a wonderful feature that’s not as widely recognized as it will need to always be, but it succeeds for those who have plenty of tabs available at once. This feature is a little clunky and that you synchronize your social bookmarks and history, yet it’s a great way to keep all organized without sacrificing speed or privacy.