Managed security services (MSS) offer a wide range of cybersecurity assistance and services that include managing and monitoring intrusion detectors and firewalls, conducting penetration and vulnerabilities assessments and audits, coordinating patch management and upgrading and aiding in the creation of protocols and guidelines to decrease the chance of a leak of data. MSS providers provide cybersecurity expertise as well as assistance with regulatory compliance such HIPAA, PCI DSS and ISO.

Premium MSS solutions incorporate technologies like security information and events management (SIEM) cloud visit access security brokers and container security. A majority of the top MSSPs offer 24/7 monitoring from their security operations centers and threat intelligence to enhance context, and proactive threat hunts.

MSS can also help clients determine the impact of vulnerabilities on business processes such as availability and performance. This helps clients avoid costly cyberattacks and improve their overall security position.

In addition to providing cybersecurity solutions, many of the most reputable MSSPs offer a complete range of managed IT services, such as network monitoring, remote support and security policy development. They offer a centralized dashboard that allows them to monitor all devices and applications of their clients. In addition, they offer services for managing changes and solutions for backup and recovery to safeguard data in case of an incident. They may also help with security and governance of data through tools like encryption and data loss prevention.